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We supply a wide range of industries and market sectors, some of which are detailed below:

Heat Exchangers

We supply a number of companies involved in both the design and manufacture of air cooled heat exchangers for the petrochemical market. Heat exchange units are also commonly used in marine heat exchangers for container ships and tankers as well as offshore environments for seawater cooling. Heat Transfer applications include:
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


Radiator applications have been used in diesel engines in the railway industry and other high power motor cooling applications. As well as new installations, our spacers are often specified for repair projects and refurbishments, including radiators and heat exchangers for diesel engine applications and the petrochemical industry.

Finned Tube Manufacturers

Many of our customers are source manufacturers of finned tube located across Europe. Finned Tube catered for includes:
  • L Fin
  • LL Fin
  • KL Fin
  • G Fin
  • X Extruded Fin
  • U Stamp
  • Plain Tube


A number of our clients are involved with the design and manufacture of coolers including:
  • Large Generator Coolers
  • Medium Motor & Generator Coolers
  • Hydrogen Coolers
  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Coolers
  • Transformer Oil Coolers
  • CACA Coolers
  • Air Blast Coolers
  • Marine Drive Coolers

Consulting & Project Management

Several clients specify our products across an international market including the global petrochemical & upstream oil and gas industry:

Automotive Industry

The automotive sector has a wide range of applications for heat exchange and finned tube mounting systems including:
  • Power Steering
  • Fuel Cooling
  • Transmission Oil Cooling
  • Engine Oil Cooling
  • Water Radiators
  • Charge Air Cooling
  • Fuel Cell & Electronics Cooling
  • Cabin Heating

Food & Drink

Food & drink industry applications include brewery, distilling and evaporation processes:


All types of chemical processing ranging from refining, distilling and condensing.


Maintenance of Finned Tube installations is a large market, predominantly for retubing programs but also repairs, upgrades and general modifications.

Building Services

Customers also include building services companies specifying and installing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

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